About the Artist

Before her son Theo joined her world, Michelle moved to London and worked for East Central Studios after graduating from APU in 2006 with a BA (Hons) Degree in Design Crafts, specialising in Knitted Textiles.

At the time she worked there as a designer the pace was fast and highly creative. The projects varied from creating fabric, colour and trend predictions for a number of clients from Footlocker, Verizon, Textile View Publications, Pantone View to Japanese knit manufacturers and designed shirting fabrics for Brooks Brothers.

She now lives back in her home town in Lowestoft, Suffolk where she runs Dream Capture Artwork from home surrounded by her family.

It is important to her that her family is involved in Dream Capture Artwork and she includes her son as much as possible from modelling to decision making and brainstorming ideas together for new Dream Paintings. After all he is the reason it all started and its lovely dipping into the child's imagination.

So now, by using all of her life experiences, dreams and skills that she has gained up to this point, she now pours it into Dream Capture Artwork and the paintings she creates for people.

Currently a product range is being developed for Dream Capture Artwork from her non- commissioned paintings of which is also sold through Etsy, Facebook and local events which she loves to attend herself and meet her customers.